Parenting Skills

     The best thing we can do for our children is to give them lots of
love and affection. This
will influence a child's development into
adulthood. T
he quality of the relationship we have with our children,
their happiness, and even of their health
is affected by parenting.
Encouraging children to become independent and
happy with them
self as a unique person
helps with their confidence in life.
Your children benefit from how you treat them and also from
how you treat your partner and yourself. Getting along with the
other parent is necessary because children want their parents to
get along. O
ur classes provide education and counseling to benefit
the whole family unit. Family counseling is also available for those
who want additional assistance.


New Directions offers 10-52 weeks parenting programs. The
programs are approved by Los Angeles County Probation, Courts,
and the Department Of Children and Family Services.


Please call for information and registration. 562-943-6000                12627 B Santa Gertrudes Ave, La Mirada, Ca 90638
         Classes in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese
 Richard Perla, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
Parenting Class