Professional Family Counseling
12627 B Santa Gertrudes Ave
La Mirada, CA 90638
Phone: 562-943-6000
Fax: (562) 943-6006
  The New Directions philosophy is that, for whomever comes to us and is
searching for peace of mind, we will provide the route to get there.  Our
services offer self-exploration through education and counseling.
  The New Directions outpatient substance abuse services were first
begun in 1981.  The comprehensive client programs are provided by
professionals in the field who are dedicated to giving quality services.
  It is New Direction's goal to provide services that will have a long lasting
positive impact upon each participant's life.  The clients will acquire healthy
tools that can be utilized through-out their lives.
  Our follow-up and relapse prevention workshops, are included in the
treatment plans.  We are available for your aftercare needs.
  Multilingual programs are available in Spanish, Vietnamese, and
Chinese.  The staff is supervised by a California licensed marriage and
family psychotherapist.
  New Directions has earned certification from the California Department of
Health Services.
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